Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bunker Edging

   Today we will begin the edging of all our bunkers. Doing this will improve the aesthetics and playability aspects of the bunkers.  Our 11th hole, Oak Hill #17 will be the first hole we tackle.  Our bunkers on this hole have a great deal of bermuda grass surrounding the faces which will encroach into the bunkers themselves in the summertime when the bermuda is actively growing.  A nice edge on these will give them a fresh look.
   Sod knives will be used to cut the bunker edges back to their original edge as overtime sand will develop on the faces and edges from golfers exiting and hitting their shots out of the bunkers.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Brown Patch

   The past few weeks have been pretty tough on the golf course as far as the amount of precipitation the course has been receiving.  In the month of June alone we have totaled 11 inches of rain.
    With all this rain the golf course hasn't been able to dry out completely and with the added high humidity conditions the disease pressure has increased dramatically.  Brown patch has formed on our bentgrass fairways and tees which we will treat with a fungicide as soon as we are dry enough.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Greens Aerification

  Today we will be aerifying our greens for the first time this year.  We will be using our Toro Procore 648 with the Turf Pride attachment which will pull plugs to the outside edges of greens while aerifying.  The Turf Pride will eliminate any pushing of plugs therefore speeding up the aerification process.  It will also reduce wheel marks on our greens as we will not have to use our sweeper  to clean-up plugs like we normally do.
  For this first aerification we are going to topdress heavy first then aerify behind pulling a 3/8 plug.  After all the plugs are cleaned up, we will then use Salsco roller and a Toro vibratory roller to smooth out all the greens to create the smoothest putting surface possible.